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Pesach 5778 at KMS

Rabbi Weinberg’s Pesach Guide is available here.
Limited copies available in the lobby.


Mechirat Chametz: Rabbi Weinberg is available to be the agent for selling your Chametz after Shacharit and M/M Monday, March 19-Thursday, March 29. If those times don’t work for you, make an appointment ( You must fill out a form to authorize the sale, then hand it to Rabbi Weinberg in person and designate him as your agent.


Pesach can be an expensive time: Rabbi Weinberg will have scrip cards available. Please see him if you are in need of assistance.


Chametz Dumpster: There will be a dumpster for disposal of chametz at YISE, 1132 Arcola Ave, on Wednesday, March 28– Thursday, March 29. Please use this ONLY for chametz trash and not for any other items. The dumpster is co-sponsored by YISE and KMS. If it is full, do not leave trash outside the dumpster.


Chametz Burning: KMS is proud to host this year’s Communal Chametz Burning, co-sponsored by YISE, Chabad, and Ohr HaTorah. See flyer here.


Guest Speaker: On the 8th day of Pesach, KMS will host our 3rd annual guest speaker visit by Rabbi Elchanan Adler. See flyer here.


Davening Times: Click here for the Pesach schedule.


The OU Pesach Guide is available here. Hard copies available in the lobby.

Tue, March 26 2019 19 Adar II 5779