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Kemp Mill Synagogue

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Donate to Repair and Upkeep of Sifrei Torah

Click here to donate to the Keren Hasefer Fund to repair and upkeep KMS' Sifrei Torah.

February 15: Rabbi Jesse Horn of Yeshivat HaKotel

Rabbi Horn will give a shiur at 8:00 pm at KMS on "Uncovering the Well-known Ingredients it Takes to Start up a Nation: A Look at Noach, Lot, Yonah and Avraham" in the Beit MIdrash.  Co-sponsored by LimmudTorahMD.

February 26-27: Scholar-in-Residence, Michelle Cohen Farber

The founder and teacher of the Daf Yomi for Women class, will be the Scholar in Residence. Ms. Farber is a gifted teacher and scholar who is making Talmud study accessible to a non-traditional audience.

February 27: Comedy Night at KMS

KMS hosts American-Israeli comic Benji Lovitt for an interactive, multi-media, and humor-filled presentation. Together, we will explore Israel’s history through its comedy. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, this event is free. Event is at 8:30 pm; see our flyer for more details.

March 5: Malava Malkah event featuring Erica Brown 

"Owning Orthodoxy: How Spiritual Memoirs of Leaving Faith Help Us Re-Commit Ourselves." This interactive study session at 8:30 pm, will examine a plethora of spiritual memoirs of ex-Orthodox Jews and a sociological study of this phenomenon in an attempt to understand the trend, if and how it impacts Modern Orthodoxy and how it can help us be self-reflective about our own religious journeys.

KMS Education Programs 5776
Torah study is a pillar of our shul and is considered equal to Tefilla in importance among KMS activities. The Education Committee hopes that everyone will find meaningful learning opportunities in the coming year.  Please click here for a complete schedule of continuing programs as well as special educational events happening throughout the year.

Kemp Mill Sababa
Sababa is the Hebrew slang word for “cool and wonderful!” We want everyone who visits Israel to be inspired, amazed, and to have FUN. “Kemp Mill Sababa” is a great way to refer your friends to your favorite unique and “off the beaten path” places in Israel. If you have visited Israel recently (in the past two years), we want you to list your favorite places and experiences that don’t usually make it into the tour books. Click here to make a recommendation. (It will take you less than 5 minutes!)

Today's Calendar

 Shacharit: 8:00a
 Shacharit Youth Led Minyan: 9:00a
Shacharit: 9:00a
 Mincha/Maariv: 5:30p
Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman's Class on weekly parshah: 7:30p
Nechama Porat: Building A G-d Fearing, Moral Society: 8:30p

Upcoming Programs & Events

 Sharon Freundel - class on Shir Shel Yom
  Shabbat, Mar 5 4:45p
 Sharon Freundel - class on Shir Shel Yom
  Shabbat, Mar 12 4:45p
 Sharon Freundel - class on Shir Shel Yom
  Shabbat, Mar 19 5:45p
KMS 2016 Banquet
  Sunday, Mar 27 6:00p

Parashat Parashat Tetzaveh

Shabbat, Feb 20

Purim Katan

Tuesday, Feb 23
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Sun, 14 February 2016 5 Adar I 5776