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Coming Up at KMS

All classes meet via the KMS Zoom here unless otherwise noted.


This Shabbat, August 13, 7:05 pm: Matan Friedman’s series on Mitzvot Aseh of Shabbat continues with “Igniting the Lighting- Understanding what the Shabbos Candles are All About.” Also coming up:

· Shabbat, August 20, 6:55 pm: The Big Deal of the Third Meal-Understanding the Importance of Seudah Shlishit (Tent)

· Shabbat, August 20, Between Mincha/Maariv: Signing Shabbos to a Long-Term Extension- Starting it Early (Sanctuary)


Sunday, August 21, 10:30 am: Channah Cohen: Lessons from the Fall of the Second Temple. In person at YISE and on Zoom. Co-sponsored by KMS. Zoom ID: 416-963-9000, pw: 492019. Brunch after the shiur. RSVP: See flyer here.

Shabbat, August 26-27: Musical Shabbat with Ari Goldwag. See flyer.

· Friday Night, 6:45 pm: Combined Ruach Davening

· 9am Minyan: Shabbat Shacharit & Mussaf

· Afternoon: Pre-Mincha Educational Program

· Between Mincha/Maariv: Community Seudah Shlishit

· Sunday: Live performance at the Hachnasat Sifrei Torah

September 16-18: KMS is excited to host Prof. Nechama Price and 4 women studying in GPATS (Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies for Women) at YU for a Shabbat of learning and preparation for the Yamim Noraim. See Nechama’s bio here and the other 4 women’s bios here.

· Friday Night Dinner with Divrei Torah by GPATs

· Divrei Torah at 7am, 8am, 9am, and Youth minyan Shacharit

· Post-Kiddush Shiur

· Pre-Mincha Shiur

· Shiur between Mincha/Maariv

· 10:00-11:00 pm: Pre-Slichot program

· Sunday, 9:00-10:30 am: Yom Iyyun Sessions 







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Sat, August 13 2022 16 Av 5782