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Kemp Mill Synagogue

Welcome to KMS!


Kol Mevaser

The Rosh Hashanah edition of Kol Mevaser is on its way to your mailbox. The issue includes Divrei Torah, a profile of our new youth directors and Rosh Hashanah greetings from community members.  Find a copy of the newsletter here.

Hachnasat Torah - Sponsor a Letter

Laura and Sheldon Margulies invite the Kemp Mill community to sponsor a letter in a torah they commissioned in memory of Laura's father and Sheldon's parents.The funds will support KMS' Keren HaSefer fund. Each sponsor will have the opportunity to see the sofer complete their letter during a Hachnasat Torah on Sunday, November 6, 2016. Sponsor Now.

High Holidays Registration is Open

Please log in to the site and then visit our High Holidays registration page to request seats and child care for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Register now

Seder HaYom
The updated Seder HaYom can be found here.

KMS Office is Hiring

View the job description for an Executive Director. Please submit resumes and cover letters to

Sefer Minhagim

The updated Sefer Minhagim can be found here.

Cheryl Stern Community Kelim Mikvah

The Cheryl Stern Community Kelim Mikvah is now officially open. There are still plenty of bricks on the path that may be dedicated. Please see the attached form or go to to dedicate a brick.

MaTaN Bat Mitzvah Program 2016

Do you have a daughter entering 6th grade or with a Bat Mitzvah coming up in the next year? Sign up for the Mother-Daughter MaTaN Bat Mitzvah Program here.

Donate to Repair Upkeep of Sifrei Torah

Click here to donate to the Keren Hasefer Fund to repair and upkeep KMS' Sifrei Torah.

Kemp Mill Sababa
Sababa is the Hebrew slang word for “cool and wonderful!” We want everyone who visits Israel to be inspired, amazed, and to have FUN. “Kemp Mill Sababa” is a great way to refer your friends to your favorite unique and “off the beaten path” places in Israel. If you have visited Israel recently (in the past two years), we want you to list your favorite places and experiences that don’t usually make it into the tour books. Click here to make a recommendation. (It will take you less than 5 minutes!)

Today's Calendar

 Shacharit: 7:00a
 Mincha/Maariv: 6:40p
 Selichot: 10:00p

Upcoming Programs & Events

Sophomore Youth Oneg
  Friday, Sep 30 9:30p
  Sunday, Oct 2 7:00a
Rosh Hashana Party
  Sunday, Oct 2 11:00a
Aseret Yamei Teshuva classes
  Thursday, Oct 6
  Friday, Oct 7 6:22p

Parashat Parashat Nitzavim

Shabbat, Oct 1

Erev Rosh Hashana

Sunday, Oct 2
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Wed, 28 September 2016 25 Elul 5776