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History of Kemp Mill Synagogue

Kemp Mill Synagogue held its first service on Parashat Parah, March 17, 1990, attended by a group of 50 worshipers in a Kemp Mill home.

A generous group of ten investors then purchased a house to serve as a temporary facility for the new congregation. In January 1990, these investors became a makeshift board of trustees and voted to found the Kemp Mill Synagogue. The synagogue was incorporated as a non-profit corporation.

Founding Philosophy

The founding philosophy of KMS combined study, prayer, spirituality, and community to create an encompassing institution. In 1994, Rabbi Jack Bieler officially became the first rabbi of KMS. As the leader of the KMS community, Rabbi Bieler has led and inspired the development of an ambitious program of shiurim, study groups, scholars-in-residence and educational programs. Weekly Divrei Tora by men and women enlighten the congregation by offering a diversity of perspectives. Youth groups and social activities contribute to creating a warm and engageed community.

KMS Today

Kemp Mill Synagogue held its first services in our current home on Kemp Mill Road on Shabbat of September 19 1998. Our beautiful building is the hub of our community, and a place where we gather to daven, learn, celebrate, and observe lifecycle events, smachot and rituals together.

To this day, KMS remains a synagogue that relies on all of its members to realize the aspirations and vision upon which it was founded.

Sat, March 24 2018 8 Nisan 5778