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Chesed & KMSDelivers

KMS Chesed is launching KMS Neighbors, a new effort to oversee volunteers reaching out to various members of the community offering support and connecting members to various Chesed resources. If you are interested in volunteering or would like to receive a call from KMS Chesed about personal needs, please contact: Fran Kritz: 202-680-8583 or Jen Singer: 301-542-9769.   
Previously announced initiatives:
  1. Help with grocery shopping and delivery for at risk members. If you would like this service, please email or contact Josh Levisohn at 240-477-2988
  2. Help with medicine pickup. If you need assistance with medication picked up, please contact Leah Rogal at 202-431-6171.
  3. Help with online ordering or other "tech" needs including virtual calling of family members. If you need help in this arena, please contact Davida Yitzhaky at 240-672-8456
  4. Help determining if doctor's appointments have been cancelled/offices closed, etc. If you need help checking which offices are open or with scheduling needs, please contact Miriam Stein at 201-681-9963. Please note if anyone is experiencing medical concerns, you should contact your own doctor's office or call 911. 
  5. Mental health resources. If you would like to offer your services as a mental health professional please be in touch with Atara Siegel at

    If you have any questions, ideas for additional support or other issues, please contact us at: Fran Kritz: 202-680-8583 /Jen Singer: 301-542-9769.
Mon, August 10 2020 20 Av 5780