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Donate a meal to someone sitting shiva


As part of the congregation's involvement in Nichum Aveilim when one of our members loses a loved one, the shul's Chesed Committee provides a meal from a Vaad-approved establishment on behalf of the congregation to KMS members during shiva. The Chesed Committee coordinates with the friend, family member or neighbor who organizes meals for a mourner in order to best meet his or her needs. If you'd like to contribute toward the congregation's meal for a particular shiva, please complete the information below.  The suggested contribution is $18, but any amount is welcome. 

We encourage all contributions to be made within one week following a funeral/shiva announcement so they can be acknowledged to the family.

Any excess contributions received will be reserved and used for other Chesed and Tzedakah needs of the community.


Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784