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Classes and Shiurim

Kemp Mill Synagogue Offers a broad range of educational programming, with weekday and Shabbat shiurim offered on a wide variety of topics. Please check the calendar or weekly Shabbat sheet to confirm that a particular class has not been cancelled or rescheduled.

KMS also welcomes scholars in residence who travel in to speak from around the country and world.

View Rabbi Lau Speech on Bikur Cholim
On January 25, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau spoke about "Perspectives in Bikur Cholim" as part of the commemoration of the 15th Yahrtzeit of Deborah Lerner Gross. The video of the speech is now available online. Watch now

Weekday Programs



Parasha Explorations

7:15 pm, at KMS
Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman will be presenting a weekly lecture, exploring a theme associated with the coming week's parshah.  The subjects are varied including halachic, theological and philosophical and the intersection of these disciplines as they relate to Biblical exegesis.

Inviting God to our Meals

8:15pm, at KMS
Nechama Porat will lead a Talmud class based on Talmud Bavli masechet Brachot, Chapter 7. All are welcome.


Sefer Bereishit

10:45 am, at the Mayberg home
Laura Goldman will teach a Women's Class on Sefer Bereishit, studying and analyzing the familial relationships presented with a focus on extrapolating what can be applied to our lives and relationships today.  Please bring a copy of Bereishit.

Short Stories of Agnon

8:00 p.m. at the Haramati home
Read, interpret and discuss the stories of Agnon together with Dina Haramati.  Conducted in Hebrew, this class is open to students of all levels.


Improving your Siddur Hebrew Reading Skills

9:40 a.m. at KMS with Esther Dziadek.

8:00 pm at KMS
Rabbi Braham Weinberg will teach a weekly class on Halacha building on primary sources and touching on practical ramifications.  The class will explore some of the basic principles based on a variety of texts, in order to show the underpinnings that come alive in everyday questions. All are welcome.


Sefer Melachim Alef (Kings I)

10 AM At KMS
Rabbi Brahm Weinberg will explore this sefer, starting Dec. 1. All are welcome.

Women's Shiur on Sefer Devarim
1:00 pm, at the Soltz Home
For students at every level of Hebrew literacy, Erica Brown will lead this class in a literary style with close reading paying attention to the context and meaning of words and also seeking their relevance to everyday life. Please bring a Hebrew-English Tanakh


Shabbat Programs

Gemara: Shiur on Masechet Taanit

Mechy Frankel after Hashkama Minyan

Daf Yomi

10:30 am in Beit Midrash

Masechet Beitza

Between mincha and maariv
David Eisenman in the Beit Midrash
In the Sanctuary with a variety of speakers

Sat, March 24 2018 8 Nisan 5778