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Classes and Shiurim

Kemp Mill Synagogue offers a broad range of educational programming, with weekday and Shabbat shiurim offered on a wide variety of topics. Please check the calendar or weekly Shabbat sheet to confirm that a particular class has not been cancelled or rescheduled.

KMS also welcomes scholars in residence who travel in to speak from around the country and world.

To suggest a Scholar-in-Residence, please click here to fill out the form.

Weekday Programs


7:15 pm: Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman's Parasha Explorations class: Explorations of (typically halachic) themes from the weekly parasha. *BM*


10:45 am: Laura Goldman’s class on Sefer Bereishit at the Mayberg home, 411 Hermleigh Road. Participants should bring a Chumash Bereishit. For women only.

8:00 pm: Dr. Erica Brown’s parasha class, In-Depth Analysis Focusing on Parashanut. Please bring a Hebrew/English Tanakh. All are welcome. *New Location: YBM*

8:00-9:00 pm: Dinah Haramati’s class, Stories of Agnon. At the Haramati home.


8:00 pm: Rav Itiel Oron’s class on Torah Mitzion - Sugiyot in Machshava, Parasha and Halacha from a Religious Zionist Perspective. *Classroom A*


9:45-10:45 am: Esther Dziadek’s Siddur class: In-Depth Analysis of the Daily Prayers. *Classroom A*

8:00 pm: Rabbi Weinberg’s class on Hilchot Shabbat. This year we are learning about the positive mitzvot of Shabbat such as the laws of preparing for Shabbat, candle lighting, kiddush, hamotzi, three meals, Havdalah and more. *New Location: YBM*


10:00 am: Rabbi Weinberg’s class on Sefer Melachim. *New Location: YBM*


· Every morning Rabbi Weinberg discusses a Rashi on the parasha of that week. Every afternoon, he gives a brief review of some halachot, often tied to the season. To receive the recordings automatically as a podcast, select the class below, log in or create an iTunes account, and click subscribe: Daily Rashi Divrei Halacha. The Divrei Mitzva podcast is over and has been replaced with the Daily Rashi podcast. Please note that you will need to subscribe to the new podcast, even if you were previously subscribed to the Divrei Mitzva podcast. The archive of past Divrei Mitzva podcasts is available here: Divrei Mitzva.

· To subscribe to Rabbi Weinberg’s weekly video Parasha mini-shiur on Netivot Shalom visit his Youtube page here and subscribe.

Shabbat Programs

Gemara: Shiur on Masechet Taanit

9:00 am: Mechy Frankel's Gemara Shiur

Daf Yomi

10:30 am in Beit Midrash

Gemara Shiur

By David Eisenman between mincha and maariv in the Beit Midrash


Shabbat at KMS is full of activities for children and teens. We have a Youth Minyan, Shabbat groups, B'nei Akiva and special events.

Kids drawing KMS is dedicated to providing meaningful, positive and inspiring experiences in our shul for all the youth of the community, from toddler age through the teen years. With teen-led Shabbat and Yom Tov programming, as well as a variety of other fun and educational activities throughout the year, we aim to help youth forge a bond with Judaism that will last throughout their lives.

More information on Youth Shabbat Programming

Our Shabbat minyanim often feature Divrei Torah from shul members.  To find out more or to volunteer to speak, send an email to:


Yom Tov Programming

On Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, we offer special youth group programs.  Registration must be submitted in advance, and may be done at the same time as High Holiday seat registration.  During most other days of Yom Tov, our regular group programs meet, with appropriate adaptations for the chag.


Purim at KMS is full of activities for our kids.  Starting with a youth-led Megillah reading, we have a Purim Carnival on Purim Day.

The Matan Bat Mitzvah Program

This will be our seventh year of mother-daughter learning.  Open to 6th grade girls and their mothers,  we meet nine times at KMS to study Jewish women through the ages.  
Learn more about the Matan curriculum from the Matan website!


KMS Youth Fund

The KMS Youth Fund supports the continuation of these and other enriching shul experiences for children of all ages.  Click on this link if you would like to make a contribution. 

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