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GARIN OMETZ AKKO sends their warmest thanks to the KMS community for the beautiful Pesach Sameah Cards that were sent to the community in Akko. Approximately 100 cards were made by children and adults at the KMS Purim Carnival. These cards were inserted into Pesach food packages that were distributed to needy families in the Akko area just before Pesach, making it possible for every family to celebrate the holiday with dignity. Garin Ometz Akko worked with hundreds of volunteers to pack and distribute 900 food packages. The tzedakah that KMS collected for the Garin as part of our Rosh Hashana appeal supports the Garin’s Chesed Center. Below are some photos of “our” cards as they are ready to be inserted into the Pesach Food Packages in Akko! More information about the garin’s chesed and educational programs is published in Kol MeVaser. Please contact Ina Lerman ( for information on volunteering during your next visit to Israel.




Tue, October 23 2018 14 Cheshvan 5779