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Helping Israel 2023

UPDATE 3/4/24

UnXeptable DC: "Bring Them Home Now" every Sunday at 1:30 pm. American Red Cross, 17th and D NW, Washington DC.

UPDATE - 2/2/24

ACHI - The ongoing war in Gaza has severely impacted Israel's economy. Here is an easy way to help. Just visit The Market sponsored by ACHI (American Communities Helping Israel) at and you will be greeted by over 280 Israeli vendors. The varied items for sale include art, jewelry, food, clothing, and more. With just a click, you can purchase an assortment of items or you can gift family and friends. Many vendors ship to the US and most deliver in Israel. Please help ACHI with its mission: Support Israel - Buy Israeli. You will be supporting struggling vendors and help the Israeli economy.

UPDATE - 11/27/23

Growing Minds Therapy, in conjunction with the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington is compiling a list of Hebrew speaking Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Pediatricians and other helping professionals who are able to assist relocating Israeli families. If you can help in this effort, please email Beth Adler at

UPDATE -  11/8/23

Contact Your Elected Representatives: Please take the time to contact your representatives in Washington to let them know that you stand with Israel. The link for the AIPAC outreach to Congress is here ( It is crucial that those who speak for us in our government know where we stand on this issue.

UPDATE #7 - 10/26/23

Dear Members,

Our hearts and minds continue to be focused on Israel, despite the passage of time. As the needs of our brothers and sisters in danger shift, so too will the ways in which we can help. But we will always be standing right by their side.

Here a few of the many things happening in the coming days to help us show our solidarity with Israel:

  • Tefillah: We continue to recite Tehillim each morning and evening at all KMS minyanim, as well as at Rabbi Weinberg’s Rashi shiur, which takes place on Zoom every day at noon.
    • Please join us at any and every KMS minyan. 
    • Click here for the Tehillim and Tefillot companion prepared by Rabbi Weinberg. 
    • Keep members of the KMS Family currently serving in the IDF or in the IDF reserves in mind during your tefillot. You can find their names here. Please submit any names that we are missing here.
    • When lighting Shabbat candles, please consider adding these or these tefillot to those you say for your family.
  • Peace of Mind: Join us in letting “our” Peace of Mind IDF veterans know that we are here for them, we support them, and we are anxiously waiting to welcome them to our shul soon. We have already sent two batches to our unit and they are incredibly appreciative of the support. Submit your letters, videos, children’s drawings, and words of chizzuk here.
  • KMS Emergency Relief Fund: KMS will continue to collect much needed funds here and distribute those funds to worthy causes doing critical work in Israel. Please continue to contribute as and when you are able.
  • International Physicians' Database: Nefesh B’Nefesh, in collaboration with the Israel Ministry of Health, is creating a database of international physicians ready to volunteer in Israel. Doctors can register here. Nurses and paramedics can register here.
  • Emergency Housing For Evacuees: Thousands of families from around Israel are being evacuated from their homes. A group of Netanya-based volunteers from the Alynu organization are coordinating emergency housing in Israel for these families. To offer housing, WhatsApp Lydia Weitzman at +972 52-358-4395, or Mindy Wiesenberg at +972 54-926-1968 with details.
  • Buy Israel: We are all familiar with the need to "buy Israel" at all times, but particularly in times of crisis. KMS will continue to offer Israeli food products at our 9am kiddush. Keep an eye out for them.
  • Processing: We would like to remind you that Rabbi Weinberg is always available to all of our members, and that everyone should feel free to reach out to him directly.

May Hashem protect the soldiers and citizens of Israel.  May we see yeshua very soon.

Rabbi Brahm Weinberg Ephraim Leibtag, President Aryeh Shudofsky, Executive Director

Wed, July 24 2024 18 Tammuz 5784