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By the KM Blog Team


As most members of the Greater Washington community probably know, the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup championship earlier this month.  Last Shabbat, 31 KMS member families sponsored a kiddush in honor of the team’s first championship. One could see a fair amount of members decked out in red as they entered shul on shabbat morning, ready to celebrate the victory after davening.

We asked some of these members why a kiddush is the best way to celebrate.  Rabbi Dr. Ira Rabin, a lifelong Caps fan, and amateur hockey player, mentioned the “big silver becher” (aka the Stanley Cup) that the Caps were presented at the end of the championship series and in his Rabbinic and doctorly wisdom informed us that it is only appropriate to make kiddush with our own silver becher at the end of davening.  He also reminded us that as a people who wandered in the midbar for 40 years, we can easily relate to  the Caps’ 44 year losing streak. And if you were in shul last Shabbat, you couldn’t miss Ira’s parents, KMS members Carol & Lionel Rabin, decked out in their personalized Bubby and Zaidy Caps jerseys. The jerseys were a gift from Ira and his brother, Joseph Rabin, also a KMS member and kiddush sponsor.  Now, that’s a Caps loving family!

Not to be outdone by the good Rabbi-Doctor, Panina Licht feels that the goal of winning a championship is to celebrate as a community.  She told us that in the stressful world that we are living in, it is important to grab on to the good times when they are present. What better way to celebrate the Caps victory than as a community on shabbat?

Finally, Panina’s husband Jacob Licht, another lifelong Caps fan and amateur hockey player, offered up his own list of reasons why a KMS kiddush is THE most appropriate way to celebrate. Here are Jacob’s thoughts:

  • KMS is a multi-generational shul that is always looking for ways to bridge the relationships of members of all ages.  The Capitals unite every generation of KMS membership – fans and hockey players from all age groups.
  • As a uniquely Canadian trophy, The Stanley Cup further solidifies KMS’ enduring connection with our Canadian Rabbi, Rabbi Weinberg.

  • The football trophy is The Lombardi Trophy, the baseball trophy is The Commissioner’s Trophy, and the basketball trophy is The Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy.  None of these seem uniquely Jewish in their names. Can you think of a more Jewish name than Stanley? Of course we have to celebrate with kiddush!!

It seems that Rabbi Dr. Rabin is not the only one to connect hockey to the Torah. Jacob presented an incredibly well thought out drash on the connection.  Hockey is the only major sport mentioned (and linked with food) in the Torah. Shemot 12:11, “And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded [hockey gear] , your shoes on your feet [skates], and your staff [stick] in your hand.”

And with that, Let’s Go Caps!  L’chaim!

Wed, September 23 2020 5 Tishrei 5781