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KMS Women's Zumba Class

The KM Blog Team

Last Rosh Chodesh Adar, the KMS  Women’s Rosh Chodesh Series had an amazing “Glow In the Dark Zumba” class.  After Elana Weinberg’s D’var Torah, a tremendous turnout of 40 women brought in the new month with joy and festivities, dancing and working out to Latin tunes.  Mandi Lowenstein and Rachel Falk volunteered to give this one-time class based on past Zumba classes they took; however, the class was so well received that many of the participants asked them to run a regular class at KMS.  Mandi and Rachel decided to bring on Shani Malka (daughter of KMS members Ron and Janis Sterling) and all three got their official Zumba certification in April, which entailed enduring an 8-hour session with 2 hours of class time and 6 hours of on- your- feet dancing.  

Mandy, Rachel and Shani approached KMS and offered to give a six-week trial of the women only class for $8 per class for adults and $5 for students, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the shul.  On May 8, 2018 they held their first Zumba class with 14 people in the social hall of KMS. It was a hit and word of mouth spread like wildfire. The trial period ran into the summer and fall and the class now averages 30 women each week.  Women from all over the community attend, all of the Kemp Mill shuls are represented. Teens and college students come with their moms for a fun filled hour of good music and dancing. The shul has approved the class to continue throughout the year and the participants are thrilled.  

Whether you are coordinated or not, whether you dance or not, whether you have rhythm or not, all are welcome Tues nights at 8PM in the social hall.  It’s a win/win for all parties: the instructors are having fun, the shul gets additional income, women in the community are exercising, and we are getting in new faces into the shul.  Thanks to Sara Elikan, VP of Kehila, who spearheaded this idea back in March and has seen it take off to a successful new program at KMS.

Zumba Testimonials:

Reva Baletskiy: “Zumba with Mandi, Rachel and Shani is such a fun, high energy class. Everyone really goes at their own pace and we all just enjoy dancing and exercising together. I look forward to class every week!”

Miriam Guggenheim: “Zumba is so much more than exercise.  It's a great communal event with women of all ages and backgrounds coming together for fitness in a comfortable environment.  The amazing turnout demonstrates that the teachers have tapped into a previously-unmet need in our community. Mandi, Rachel and Shani are wonderfully encouraging and inspiring instructors!”

Julie Coplin: "The Zumba class at KMS is a fun, high-energy workout, mainly due to the talented and creative instructors. Also, it's great that the shul allows the class to use the social hall every week. It really makes the shul building an integral part of the community."

About the Instructors:

Mandi Lowenstein is a project manager at Booz Allen Hamilton.  She has been attending Debra Panich’s Zumba class at Berman since 2012.  Her family is Cuban and grew up in Miami so she has Latin blood. She is happy she has found an exercise that she loves so it is easy to stick with it.  She loves finding new songs and working on the choreography with Rachel and Shani. She has gotten all the girls in her family to join in the fun. Her mom, sister, 2 daughters and niece come to the class and on family vacations they bring their Zumba clothes to workout.  She has been enjoying teaching this class tremendously.

Rachel Falk moved to Kemp Mill after she got married and works as a physical therapist for the Montgomery County Public Schools.  She has always loved dancing and loves using Zumba as not only a way to express herself but to also keep the women of the community moving in a fun and safe way.

Shani Malka is a pediatric occupational therapist. She started dancing at the age of 4 and has loved it ever since. Shani was introduced to Zumba by Rachel and immediately knew this would be a way she could have fun while working out. Shani grew up attending KMS. She is the daughter of members Ronnie and Janis Sterling. Shani's mom Janis attends the class weekly.   

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