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Resources & Information About COVID-19

Please carefully review the emails we sent on 3/16 regarding COVID-19 cases in KMS (if you did not received the emails, please let us know). It is realistic to expect that other members of our shul may also become affected by this virus, regardless of where they may have been exposed. If you or someone in your family has been in contact with an individual who tested positive for Coronavirus or tests positive for Coronavirus and has been to KMS during this period, please notify Aryeh Shudofsky ( immediately.

The resources below are for informational purposes only. Please consult your own physician for specific guidance or medical advice.

This is a halachic imperative of the highest order that each and every one of us must obey for the sake of the health of our own families, communities and fellow citizens.
We cannot repeat this often enough. Stay home. Avoid groups or public interactions of any kind, for any purpose. Leave home only for essential needs and only if you are healthy, have not been exposed to the virus, and are not in a high risk category. Observance of this mandate is critical.


It is the guidance of Rabbi Weinberg and Gedolei Haposkim that it is not advisable to be organizing home minyanim and group gatherings. OU GUIDANCE (here).  I know how painful it is to not be able to daven in a minyan and how much of a sacrifice it is. I also know that for those of you saying kaddish this is a huge challenge; I will remind you of the words of the Aruch Hashulchan: אע"פ שאמירת הקדיש והתפלות מועילות להאבות, מכל מקום אין אלו העיקר, אלא העיקר הוא שהבנים ילכו באורח מישור, כי בזה הם מזכים האבות..."Even though saying Kaddish and prayers assists our ancestors, it is not the most important thing for them-the most important thing is that their children live upright lives."  The "upright path" right now is to do what we can to flatten the curve and keep people safe.

Please try to daven each day at the same time as everyone else in the community at around 7:00am or 9:00am and then around 7:05pm.

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Thu, April 15 2021 3 Iyyar 5781