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Simcha Check list

KMS Simcha Check List

Contact KMS Office for Reservation Request as soon as possible.                             

Confirm date has been added to KMS Calendar                

Pay for any fees associated with your reservation                           

Make sure any outstanding account balances are addressed and your account is current                              

Discuss with KMS Office specifics of event including location and fees in preparation for your cost summary and contract.                               

Sign and return cost summary and contract 2 months prior to event.    

Click here for a printable planning worksheet.                   


No Less than 1 month to your event please provide event specifics to KMS Office

What time will your event begin & end?               

What Room(s) will you be using?                             

Provide the name of your caterer, staff and or masgiach to the KMS office.        

Provide any sponsorship details.                              

No Less than 2 weeks prior to your event

Provide menu to KMS office for approval                            

Provide detail set-up for each location including AV equipment and easels needed.                        

Provide write-up for the weekly Shabbat Announcements.                        

Schedule vendor deliveries (this should be done during regular business hours)                               

Schedule Photographs or Rehearsals.                    

Schedule pick-up of food / d├ęcor following event with KMS office.                          


*Currently KMS can currently provide up to 25- 6 foot round tables, 13 - 8 foot rectangle tables, 3 - 6 foot rectangles & 1 - 3 foot square table.                           

KMS can provide up to 2 easels for your event, a large screen and projector (you must provide your own computer). We highly recommend testing your equipment no less than 1 week prior to your event.                      


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